Tired about the political situation in the country?  Tired of your job?  The kids getting on your nerves?  Can’t stand to watch the news?  Ever want to chuck it all away and get out of the rat race?  Want to feel good about your life again?  Come follow us as we quit our jobs and find ourselves starving in the streets and backwoods around the world–there’s nothing like someone else’s misery to cheer you up.

Imagine sleeping on the ground for 4-5 years with only one night a week in a hotel/hostel/under a picnic table out of the weather.  Think of being so removed from civilization that the thought of a porcelain toilet sounds like a luxury.  Just imagine that your only responsibility for the day is to walk a bunch of miles and eat (while trying not to kill your spouse who talked you into this).

There will be ups.  There will be downs.  There will be tears.  There will be blood.  There will be poisonous snakes (followed again by more tears).  There will be bears (tears again).  There will be blisters (will he ever stop crying?).  There will be leg cramps.  There will be mice crawling on your face in the middle of the night.  There will be close encounters of the third kind (all good blogs have alien abductions and anal probes).

Come join us on our extended honeymoon and see who makes it out alive.  The beneficiary forms have been filled out–let’s hike!